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8 signs of unhealthy romantic relationship

8 signs of unhealthy romantic relationship


(Kumlachew Derso)

Though it depends on our subjective experiences and interpretation, we agree on some conventional signs that enable us to label our romantic relationship as healthy or unhealthy. Based on these signs we infer conclusions as whether to move on or terminate the relationship. The columnist from psych central Nathan Feiles has his say on this matter. Here is what he projected as signs of unhealthy romantic relationship.

  • When it got physical

If arguments and discussions go beyond their limit to physical altercations like hitting, pushing… which leave both parties at risk then the relationship is definitely not healthy.

  • Verbal attacks

The thing with verbal and physical attack is that the later leaves visible scar while the former invisible which cannot be seen but constantly burns and hurts us with its flame. If there is a serious of verbal attacks in your romantic relationship, it definitely is not healthy and do something about it.

  • Support

It’s a bit hard to expect support from our spouse/partner in our every endeavor but there are some major goals and aspirations that we want to achieve, we need their various supports regarding these aspects. But, on the contrary if what we get constantly is something that discourages us, our relationship is endangered.

  • Extreme control

It is customary and conventional for our partner to ask where we have been, where we are going, to do what…. But this has limit. If it went beyond this limit and your partner/spouse is obsessed with paranoid and has trust issues, the relationship is not healthy.

  • Resents

In our daily routine activities resentments occur, making open discussion about them and trying to reach agreement is one effective way but if we are not solving disputes on time resents pile up waiting for the moment to burst, which is of course another sign that signals unhealthy relationship.

  • Ultimatums and threats

Unless you do this, I won’t do that; if you do this there are series consequences to follow. Continuous threats and ultimatums like the above mentioned does not build relationship, they are indications of unhealthy relationship.

  • Controlling communication

While discussing issues, if one partner/spouse dictates the whole discussion and does not allow the other to engage or if the participation of the other is significantly limited, then the relationship is not healthy.

  • Cheating

This goes without saying, if your partner/spouse cheats, you really are in an unhealthy relationship.

If you are experiencing the above mentioned signs in your romantic relationship, it does not mean terminate it effective immediately but rather use them as a spring board to discuss problems openly for the betterment of your relationship.