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8 tips to new university students

8 tips to new university students


by Kumlachew Derso (M.A, Social Psychology)

Well, it’s that time of the year in Ethiopia, students heard their placement of universities which they have been waiting for anxiously. Some are content, some are sad and some are in between, there is no actual data on that, but the truth is most of them are in a state of mind in which they have to leave their families and live away from them with the uncomfortable feelings of home sweet home. Honestly, it’s not going to be easy specially missing home is hard to get by but dears; here are some tips to help you get through these feelings.

  1. Share feelings: Venting out the missing feeling to someone is one of the effective ways in coping up with homesickness.
  2. Avoid too much technology: Technology is a very swift way of contacting families, but the more you contact them the more you miss on the things around you, so take a good care of it.
  3. One of the sources of homesickness is unrealistic expectation of the university, expectations should not exceed the real situation on the ground so managing them should be given due emphasis.
  4. Explore the environment: Other than the university that you are placed explore the key places in the host city/town, the historical sites, some cafes or restaurants, cinemas. But this must be done before starting or alongside with the formal class, else? Doing so often interferes with it.
  5. Join different clubs: There are numerous clubs in universities like book club, charity club… joining this kind of clubs will help you alleviate feeling of loneliness and homesickness.
  6. Do something similar in your dorms that make you nostalgic about home, if possible of course.
  7. Develop new habits which keep you active and concealed from home sickness, like reading (none academics also), physical exercise, music, arts etc…
  8. The sole reason that you are going away from your family is Education, so always bear in mind to give full attention and maximum efforts so that you can reach to your wonder land.