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“Almighty Dollar”

“Almighty Dollar”


(By Kiram Tadesse)
Maybe you are supposing that something has to change to your financial awareness, now. Meanwhile, if you don’t have enough money you won’t be able to go to regular shop to order the keeper whatever you want from the lineup of products, at least. Perhaps dream of getting better studies have been also spoiled for you are unable to pave the way to the pay bills for that “education”.

And even today, you are living in town where you are never be surprised of where you can’t afford to buy a small automobile many are running by – imagine you are still thinking of pennies while the town keep changing.
“Almighty dollar” is simply to mean ‘money’ when it is viewed as more important than anything else.
Here is an echo to what has been inferred for psychologists have correctly said “when one is truly ready for a thing, it puts in its appearance” and the financial wisdom seems more or less to be reinforced even by the heavenly order that as your financial desire increases you will start to recognize financial opportunities everywhere. Henceforth, nature would conspire towards those who own but who still owe their financial thoughts.
People have been advised to their discomposure that they need to let go of the entitlement mentality and become rich so they can solve their own problems. What do you think of taking some of these ideas? This is in fact a challenge to be paused in a dogmatic societies. Money doesn’t solve all the problems at hand but money do shape everything we sense these days, uncover.

Here and now for this orientation, you may assume it is unprecedented tie that Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have come together to write a book titled “Why we want you to be rich” who both have already become successful entrepreneurs and investors, while a controversial presidential candidate, Trump is.
To our surprise these money pundits who deem they want us to be rich argue that the one problem money cannot solve is poverty. There are many underlying causes of poverty, one of the causes is a lack of financial education, they assert.

The problem with throwing money at the issue of poverty is that money only creates more poor people and keeps people poorer longer, they challenge. Perhaps true, (also written on their book) that is why Donald and Robert are teachers because they believed that the one true solution to worldwide poverty is financial education, not money.
Providing that wealth will be determined by the small actions taken each day apparently there could be some habits that can help one predict their chances of success and increase the possibility of becoming rich in the nearer future. Let studies remain apart but healthier financial wisdom as well as management of one’s own money effectively can help to solve issues along poverty, of course to become rich too.

Thus you have identified the level of financial thoughts and manage to control your expenses and save a percentage of your earnings every time, it is likely that you will be much richer than poor you used to be in no time.
This takes to a plain understanding that if you want to become rich, you have to invest in self-development with what you have possessed and what you want through planning and managing your financial wisdom effectively. Taking up these tactic may not only help you achieve your goals much quicker you will also get to enjoy the journey one step at a time.

Who knows, you would perhaps conclude as “saint but also rich” human kind.