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Anger management

Anger management


(Antonio Mulatu)

We cannot avoid emotion like anger and it is normal to feel it in a moderate way. The main challenging thing is when anger goes beyond its limit. A protracted anger has an advert impact on romantic relationship, interpersonal communication, physical and mental well-being. Likewise, for some individuals as simple as bursting in anger, controlling it before causing significant damage is hard to come by. If so, how can someone manage his/her anger? Here are some ways forwarded.

  1. Think before you speak: aggressive individuals tend to speak before they think and regret seeing the consequence of their speech. Once words are out of your mouth, you cannot reverse them. Think before you speak.
  2. Calm down and express yourself: As speaking before thinking leads to regret; people should calm down and express their resentments and the reasons why they are angry so as to minimize aggravation.
  3. Exercise: Mind exercises like meditation and yoga will help in many ways to calm down mind and relax the body. When you are angry hold your chest by your hand and take a deep inhale and exhale at least for three times.
  4. Avoid anger cue: Sometimes even the situation can play a pivotal role for anger motives to emerge. Thus, try to avoid potential areas that could lead you to anger. Like the idiom “If you can, change the environment, unless change yourself”. Most importantly take a timeout.
  5. Find a solution: Rather than looking for what makes you angry find solutions what to do whenever you are in anger mood.
  6. Acknowledge your anger impulse: Never try to hide your anger impulses rather acknowledge them and work a way forward. “Yes I am an angry person and I will try to improve myself”.
  7. Forgiveness: practically individuals who have guts of forgiveness tend to forget things easily and this in turn will help them to get out of the angry emotion. Forgive and forget to manage your anger.
  8. Understand the situation: do not jump to conclusion and try to understand what the real situation is; but rather engage in a civilized communications as it helps you to see things from different perspective for self discipline.
  9. Patience: It serves as a deterrence to minimize and control anger effectively. Being patient does not cost anything except commitment. Try to boost your skill step by step.
  10. Seek help: sometimes it might be difficult to take lesson and manage your anger alone. Seek social support and friendly assistance from your colleagues whenever it is necessary.

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