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In The Face Of Death

(By Kiram Tadesse) It was when Ebola epidemic shake West Africa that I was proposed to visit Guinea – an Ebola virus epicenter at the moment – to observe the scene from the ground. I was neither desperate nor dreadful about that deadly virus rather eager I was to witness the problem. I don’t know […]

“Almighty Dollar”

(By Kiram Tadesse) Maybe you are supposing that something has to change to your financial awareness, now. Meanwhile, if you don’t have enough money you won’t be able to go to regular shop to order the keeper whatever you want from the lineup of products, at least. Perhaps dream of getting better studies have been […]

Psychology Of Theft

(By Kiram Tadesse) You may consider skills applied by Carlos the Jackal or Robin Hood (who they call king of thieves) presuming Robin as a patriot solider dedicated for social rationalization – for British knows how to customize their icons of any kind. Or perhaps take Jacques Casanova along the play book and the bro […]

What are you to marry?

(By Kiram Tadesse) Indeed, for human, marriage is one of the major social event and after all it is well known that you are going to marry human–since you are a human too –unless otherwise you’ve a desire to seize the world attention with wonder  marriage, perhaps through marrying “some-thing” other than the just ‘human […]

Words Parents Should Never Say Around Children

(By Antonio Mulatu) The child is the pride of today and the hope for the future. Likewise, anything that would promote the wellbeing and development of these dear ones should not be underestimated. The words that parents use during family conversation on the presence of children have a great impact on children’s day to day […]

Ways To Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells grow and reproduce uncontrollably and invade nearby tissues by spreading to other parts of the body through blood streams and lymphatic systems hindering the activities of the normal cells. The exact causes of cancer are not known and very often no single cause can be found. Some […]


(By Antonio Mulatu) The below listed elements are characteristics of an individual who is self-aware. Knows his/her strengths and weaknesses. Take responsibility for his/her life. Is the one who has positive self-image. Believes in himself/herself. Strive for personal growth (social, economical…) Has a vision. Pay sacrifice to attain his/her goal. Never try to resemble others. […]