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Ideological Influence

(By Kiram Tadesse) People want to influence one another and so governments do the same toward people. Each deem to seize the influencing power in order for their ideologies being accepted. People want to influence those in other thoughts as well as divisions they can’t order and control. Uncontrollably, the mob always want to control, […]

8 signs of unhealthy romantic relationship

(Kumlachew Derso) Though it depends on our subjective experiences and interpretation, we agree on some conventional signs that enable us to label our romantic relationship as healthy or unhealthy. Based on these signs we infer conclusions as whether to move on or terminate the relationship. The columnist from psych central Nathan Feiles has his say […]

Get lifted with motivation

You cannot do anything without motivation; call it either intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. I leave you with the liberty to dig more about the two types of motivation in abundance, indulge yourself. Motivation is the backbone to our activity, our success and failure depends on it. So, how can we improve our motivation, below are […]

10 Rules that keep Couples’ Relationships’ “Fire Work”

(by Negash Abebe) Take the initiative to warm up the relationship. Dial down criticism. Develop the habit of listening attentively and with little or no interruption. Create and enjoy some solitude times. Do not hesitate to ask for apologies. Don’t demand too much apologies. Carefully chose words that come out of your mouth even when […]

Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

Antonio Mulatu (M.A) Many make rush judgments claiming that a long distance relationship does not work. Likewise, give a piece of advice to their close friends or family to quit as much as possible their long distance relationship before they get their heart broken. Though, it might be difficult and challenging it can also be […]

Culture and Mental Health in Ethiopia

  Disability associated with mental illness in Ethiopia is high, yet it has not been given due attention. In a population approaching 90 million people, up to 13% are suffering from some form of mental illness. In a country where people are already struggling for survival, the impact of  mental illness on the person and […]