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Before sunset


(Antonio Mulatu)

I never dare to brag and even do not have the moral courage to feel that I am better than someone else.  But as a human being there are certain things that amaze me, and sharing what surprises me would not be shame. In life, it is a moral obligation to share what we know. Having said so, I would like you to read this personal reflection based on a general understanding than being judgmental.

In the place where I was born and grown up there was a man called “Apio”. Apio was a hard working daily laborer who carries construction woods from one place to another. He never received cash for his services but few pennies and loaves of bread. As far as my knowledge is concerned, Apio never had a house, relatives, wife and children and even nobody knew where he came from; what was known was only where he lived. He was at times obtrusive and talked to no one. Generally, he was far from active social connectedness and instead swam in the still ocean of loneliness.  He never asked for help from others even he was hungry and walked too far a distance to a river to quench his thirst.  Apio used to save coins tying them here and there on his tattered cloth. When we were children we used to muse by saying that “even Apio is a foreigner to himself, then what is the benefit of saving money for nothing!?”

Meanwhile, once a year or after two years Apio would go through the obligatory cleaning (cutting his hair and change of new clothes) by security forces of the local municipality. But he never felt okay for this and even would cry foul when people touch his personal properties; change him into new clothes, or giving him haircut. For a certain period of time, his appearance would look nice and through passage of time he will again go back to his filthy outlook.

Similarly, I see so many “Apios” in work places but what makes these one different from Apio is that they are schooled and have better jobs and salaries. But in reality there is no demarcation and clear-cut distinctiveness that their life is different from the original “Apio” their ultimate goal is saving by abusing their health, for they do not change clothes, eat adequate food or drink a cup of tea. Moreover, they are far from active social life. WHY???

We might not blame and judge the original Apio since there could be personal and psychological problems that made him to behave the way he did. For the later ones, having a better job and salary is not a guarantee to lead a better life and to protect themselves. Here, I am not blaming people who save money my point is to what extent should they save money at the expense of their own wellbeing. We save money to use it whenever necessary. But these guys do not understand that, they do not eat well and get sick due to lack of food and spend a lot of money for medical treatment, which is enigmatic. They should protect themselves by eating well otherwise they get sick due to lack of food. Money is a means to pursue health and happiness.

From a psychological point of view, this is a big problem. Sometimes, if individuals are brought up and inhibited from fulfilling their basic needs due to lack of money, they might develop a personality characterized avenging the earlier loss by just hoarding money without any intention of putting it into good use.

I am not saying man should eat everything now and die; he has to wisely use what he earns without hurting himself/herself.  How on earth can one lead a healthy lifestyle unless he/she eats what he/she can afford? Plus, how can he/she be sure his/her today’s saving will safeguard him/her from tomorrow’s health and related disorders unless prior caution is taken to self-well-being. Without any scarcity trying to hurt oneself just for the sake of saving is like forcing the sun to set before its time. Our life-sun resides on our hands; we should wake up before sunset (end of everything what we wished to live for) to save our life and live longer and better.

ይህን ጽሑፍ በአማርኛ ለማንበብ እዚህ ይጫኑ፡-