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Behaviors That Boost Our Communication Skills

Behaviors That Boost Our Communication Skills


(Zemene Tewodros)

1. Be a good listener

Being a good listener is one of the main behaviors that boost our communication skills. Letting others speak through their idea and not interrupting them, looking at their eyes while conversing and trying to let them know you are on the same page as them by nodding can be some of the signs of being a good listener. By improving this behavior you can have effective communication with others.

2. Harmonize your idea with your facial expression and hand movement

During conversation our facial expression and hand movement have an impact on the information that we want to deliver. For example, if we are speaking about a pleasant idea with a frowning face and glaring looks, it transfer opposed information. So we should have suitable facial expression and hand movement that fits our idea.

3. Be brief and swift

It is obvious that attention span of human beings last for a few minutes. So we should be brief when we are in a conversation. We should know that the person we are talking to have a lot of things in his/her mind that concern him/her. So, speak briefly and precisely.

4. Avoid things that disrupts your attention

During conversations there are various things that disrupt attention; for example, now a day’s mobile phones are being part of our daily lives. Using cell phones during conversation gives an undesired message to the audience/s. It seems we do not care about the person we are conversing with nor the idea. Therefore we should stop everything we are doing including our cell phone and be actively attentive.

5. Adjust sitting position

Sitting stretched back, facing backward and turning our heads from the one we are conversing with and such sitting positions makes conversation very difficult. So we should face the person we are talking to and lean forward.

6. Try to understand what the other person feels

It would not be convincing if others tell us sad story and we say “I know what you mean” having a solemn facial expression. Hence we will have a good conversation if we let ourselves feel the emotion of the person we are talking to.

7. Keep the flow of your idea

It will not end up well if we start discussing or arguing about certain idea and skipping it to another without even completing it. So it is acceptable behavior if we focus only on certain idea and keep its flow. Moreover, it helps not to be all over the place.

8. Avoid unnecessary sounds and repetitive words

Most of the times rather than focusing on what we are talking about people tend to mock on sounds we make while conversing. Therefore sounds such as “amm…..” “ahh….” should be avoided. Also words for instance “I mean….” Or “like…” should not be repeated again and again since they tend to make our speech less interesting.

9. Adjust the tone of your voice with your idea

While having a conversation having a uniform tone of voice for all the happy and sad thoughts makes your audience be uninterested and be distracted easily. Hence we should make our tone of voice higher at times and lower at another or even to be quiet for moment. Having a speech with a varied tone of voice helps to grab and keep the attention of the listeners till the end.

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