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Benefits of Hug

Benefits of Hug


(Alebel Addis)

Sometimes words are insufficient to express our feeling that is why we choose to hug. We use hug to express our love, friendship, appreciation, support and sympathy, and when we meet peoples to show joy of greeting and the sorrow to say goodbye. As the result, many researches revealed hugging is effective at decreasing vulnerability for diseases, healing sickness, avoiding loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress throughout our lives. Among many, hugging gives us the following benefits:

Increases trust. The level of trust you can gain from hugging the other person for about 20/30 seconds is much more than the attractive instruments provided for you.

Boosts oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a hormone produced in the brain which plays the major role at reducing stress, lower blood pressure and heart rate. Oxytocin helps us to heal feelings of loneliness, isolation, anger and which makes us feel better. It creates feelings of calm and closeness.  Hug increases the level of Oxytocin.

Increases serotonin level: Serotonin is the chemical messenger that is believed to act as a mood stabilizer. It’s said to help produce healthy sleeping patterns as well as boost your mood and used as a treatment for depression. Therefore, hug is very important to increase the level of serotonin. Plus, hug gives the opportunity to our muscle to be relaxed and release tension.

Promotes immune system:Hugging reduces stress and this in turn boosts our immune system.

Increases self-esteem:It is extremely important especially for childrento feel that they are special and loved by others when they receive hugs/physical touch from their parents. The hugs they received from their parents while growing up remain imprinted and this will connect them to their ability to love themselves.

Promotes connection: Appreciating and acknowledging one another through hug helps us to develop a strong connection with others. Therefore, in this busy world we need to take time to give hug in order to build our patience and to have a better relationship (Intimacy) with others. Additionally, hug is a signal to show the level of our involvement and care about our relationship/friendship.

As you can see hug has real benefits for you and the people that you hug. So you should always hug if it is in a proper time and context, it costs nothing!

ይህን ጽሑፍ በአማርኛ ለማንበብ እዚህ ይጫኑ