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Birth Order and Personality

Birth Order and Personality


(By Seblewongiel Ayenalem)

The pioneer of birth order research, Alfred Adler, had theorized that each birth position has a set of personality traits. Birth order can give people important clues about our personalities, our relationships with friends, co-workers, and the loved ones. It can give clues about the kind of job a person may be good at and how they may handle different problems that they come across in their lifetime.

Firstborns (The President)

  • These children are the one with the most attention directed at him/her.
  • Firstborns are always seen as leaders, high-achievers, ambitious, and conforming. They attempt to please their parents via traditional ways, which are through academic performance and responsible behaviors.
  • Parents are excited and anticipated about their first child and hence, tend to be overly protective and pay more attention, investment, as well as expectation on this child
  • The great qualities of firstborn children includes greater level of confidence, helpful, more adult oriented, excel in academics, taken seriously, patient, organized.
  • Firstborn choose careers that require a high degree of precision; law, medicine, computer programming, or architecture. Often boss or owner of company
  • Some of the weakness of firstborn children are tendency to become perfectionists and overachievers, difficulty coping with stressful situations, tend to be selfish with possessions and attention, and do not like to be told what to do

Middle children (The Diplomat)

  • Middle children, on the other hand, may experience difficulty finding a position of privilege and significance in the family because they never have the opportunity to monopolize parents’ attention. Thus, they constantly fight to stay ahead of their younger siblings.
  • The best qualities of middle children are outgoing, friendly, loud, laid back, patient, flexible, diplomatic, competitive, and peacemakers
  • Some of the weaknesses of middle children are they do not do well with hierarchy system, don’t like strict rules, prefer to work at their own pace, they may not complete tasks on time, do not work well with detail, do not work well with cut and dry material

Lastborn Children (The Joker/Clown)

  • Lastborn are frequently viewed as the spoiled kid of the family. It is because both of these birth positions are the only focus of the family. Known as the “baby” even after they have grown up
  • Difficult for child to find his or her place in the family
  • First and middle child have already left huge footprints to follow in
  • Their best qualities include risk taking, idealists, have good sense of humor, they are hard working
  • The weak sides of lastborns include being immature, attention seeking, secretive, and sensitive


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