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(Antonio Mulatu) It is an instinctive response for human being to have a break on tiresome moments, stretching hands and arms to get rid of weak muscle energies, yawning, inhale and exhale deeply during mood swings. Further, by meditating he/she renews his/her mind and spirit by ascending to the transcendent world. Since ancient time, people […]

Ways To Reduce Your Cancer Risk

Ways to deal with grief and loss

(Zemene Tewodros) Whenever we lose a loved one, the feeling of being heartbroken, regret, guilt, anger, longing, and even as sense of despair and worthlessness could occur. Even though these are not all the feelings experienced while losing someone, we can crudely generalize them under grief. Depending on our personality, we can have different experience […]


Anger management

(Antonio Mulatu) We cannot avoid emotion like anger and it is normal to feel it in a moderate way. The main challenging thing is when anger goes beyond its limit. A protracted anger has an advert impact on romantic relationship, interpersonal communication, physical and mental well-being. Likewise, for some individuals as simple as bursting in […]


Postpartum Depression

Seblewongiel Aynalem (PhD candidate, M.A) Having a new baby is exciting for all who are around. But there may be problems arise after delivery which can affect the health and wellbeing of the mother as well as the newborn. Postpartum depression is a mood disorder that can affect nearly 15 percent of women after childbirth. […]


Coping with Suicide

It always puzzles me why someone takes his life. Even more, in the last moments of their being what would those who are about to commit suicide contemplating? What really was going on in their minds before executing their plan? I still have a very vivid memory of 3 youths aged between 20 to 22 […]


What’s the best way to fight memory loss?

  At the Newcastle University, researchers conducted an investigation on 30 participants to find out the most prominent way to protect one from losing memory. Memory loss may happen because of different psychological traumas and physical damages in the brain.  Apart from these, memory deterioration can be associated with aging. The researchers did the study […]