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Coffee as a Metaphor for Life-skills

Coffee as a Metaphor for Life-skills

Antonio Mulatu (MA)

Many call it green gold, and it is believed to be originated from Ethiopia, coffee. More than three billion people drink coffee and five hundred billion cups of coffee are consumed around the world per year.  Coffee grows in many countries (over 70) and plays a pivotal role for the economic growth of these countries. Coffee has its own peculiar characteristics from seedling up to its final process to be served as a drink. If we pay attention to our surrounding, there are lots of things that nature provided us with,  which can provide a big lesson to us. Having these in mind, we shall discuss the characteristics of coffee as a metaphor for human beings while living in this world.

  1. Coffee needs a shade

Since coffee is sensitive to excessive sun light it requires a shade to keep it from drying up. When a farmer plants a coffee seedling, he/she plants another plant side by side, which will serve as a shade for the coffee tree. This exemplifies that we human beings have the potential and capabilities to lead our private life but still need help and assistance from others to lead a healthy functioning life. As a coffee tree needs shade to survive, it is not that odd or shameful for one to seek support from others. Some might consider seeking help from others as a sign of weakness and lack of knowledge. In reality, since no one is in an island of his or her own with all round intellect, seeking help from others makes life easier and enjoyable. Thus, the example of the coffee tree signifies the importance of mutual support and the value of support from fellow human beings.

  1. Coffee requires average weather
Coffee tree waits for the most favorable weather conditions to bear  beans. If rain fall is above average, it stunts the coffee tree  by limiting it to just flowering short of having beans, and excessive temperature will totally dry/damage it. Similarly, people should know to what extent and in what conditions they need help from others. Though assistance from others might be okay, one should be careful not to lose his/her independence. People, who only listen to the advice of others, cannot stand by themselves and are always afraid of taking risks for a better tomorrow. When individuals cannot decide by themselves, they are like hosting just an empty body only to be guided by others. In addition, you might have good motivation and will power to change your life but if you cannot change your energy and enthusiasm into practical and observable work, mere motivation leaves you without blossom. As excessive rain and heat are not favorable for coffee, ask yourself whether you are leading your life in a balanced way or there are some excessive and self-destructing behavior that should be get rid of before they mess up your life.
  1. Pruning works great

Once planted, coffee does not give beans forever; it will give its hand for timely aging. Little by little it starts reducing its products and finally stops bearing anything.  At this time, the farmer will prune the stem of coffee bean at midpoint. Soon it will grow new branches and later on gives the usual fruits. This is to say that life is also like a school where one needs to learn new things that are relevant to a given context, that if you have a character that does not fit with the current situation, try to see the world differently and with new perspectives to make your life better. Take lesson from yesterday’s life experiences, live today and work hard and smart to make a better tomorrow.

  1. Coffee desires well aerated store

Unless stored in well-aerated store, coffee will start to decay and become useless. As the interpretation goes, similarly if you are under circumstances that will hinder you from growth and personality development, it is better to awake early and take the necessary measures to lead a happy life. Once your life is drowned into the abyss of such ills as substance and drug abuse, it might be difficult to bounce back immediately. Therefore, like a coffee bean, live in well-aerated or conducive areas.

  1. Minimum heat to roast coffee beans

When roasted, coffee needs average heat and if the heat exceeds the average level, it is difficult for the coffee bean to release its beautiful aroma. Besides, it becomes flavorless when you sip it. This is to say that maybe you are living in an environment that is dull and not conducive limiting the role of sense of humor and personality development. In this case, if you can try to change your environment, then you will find a way to get what you want in life.

  1. Coffee needs time before it is served

After you prepared coffee, you cannot simply pour it without giving it a time. If you simply serve it without timing, it remains unclear and residual losing its magical taste that gives your heartburn more than the desired awakening caffeine.. Sometimes it is essential to delay your gratification to pursue happiness and your dreams to come true. External factors might provoke you easily to get involved in hatred and violent activities but unless you are patient the end result will be regrettable.

Thus, this is a glimpse of how we take a lesson from coffee. On this planet (earth) everything is created for a purpose and if we look around us, there are lots of things that we can learn from our surroundings.  Let us sip a cup of coffee!