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Get lifted with motivation

Get lifted with motivation


You cannot do anything without motivation; call it either intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. I leave you with the liberty to dig more about the two types of motivation in abundance, indulge yourself. Motivation is the backbone to our activity, our success and failure depends on it. So, how can we improve our motivation, below are some basic points to do so, let’s walk through them together.

  • Watch out for incentives

There is no need to reward our self for trivial success, doing so will result in diminished motivation, not trying new things and encourages us to stay in our comfort zone.

  • Take a new and challenging route

What is the need to do something again and again which we know the end result for sure? Rather than engaging in repetitive and simple activities, it is better to follow the unknown in to the challenging world. The question raised in the beginning of this paragraph is really understatement, since doing so will result in decreased result and boredom.

  • Don’t be obsessed with success

As it has been told before, aiming success motivates one to do more energetically; but researches have revealed otherwise, constantly aiming for success depletes your energy and motivation.  So, focus on the hurdles of your trials and ways in how to go through them.

  • Increase participation in a group

Doing things in group gets tricky to handle unless they are treated in an interwoven fashion. If a group member does not feel heard or powerless, his/her motivation decreases. While accomplishing tasks in a group; make sure that member’s contribution is handled well, unless they feel powerless which in turn has devastating effect in motivation.

  • Enjoy the path not only the destination

Don’t put your thoughts to the failure or success of your activities but rather enjoy the path of trial as they progresses you in to becoming someone better as time goes by.


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