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  7 tips to deal with difficult people

  7 tips to deal with difficult people

  1. Keep Your Cool፡ The first rule in the face of an unreasonable person is to maintain your composure; the less reactive you are, the more you can use your better judgment to handle the situation.
  2. “Fly Like an Eagle” ፡ Some people in our lives are simply not worth tussling with. As the saying goes: “You can’t fly like an eagle if you hang out with turkeys!”
  3. Separate the Person From the Issue ፡ An effective communicator knows how to separate the person from the issue, and be soft on the person and firm on the issue.
  4. Put the Spotlight on Them፡ By putting the difficult person in the spotlight, you can help neutralise her or his undue influence over you.
  5. Use Appropriate Humour፡ When appropriately used, humour can shine light on the truth, disarm difficult behaviour, and show that you have superior composure.
  6. Change from Following to Leading ፡In healthy communication, two people would take turns leading and following.
  7. Confront Bullies (Safely)፡ When their victims begin to show backbone and stand up for their rights, the bully will often back down. This is true in schoolyards, as well as in domestic and office environments.

Source: Psychology Today