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How Do I Know She/He Is The One And Love Me?

How Do I Know She/He Is The One And Love Me?


(Kumlachew Derso)

How many of us are bombarded by this question in our romantic relationship? Is she for real? Am I going to marry him? This kind of questions and the likes are puzzles that left us in doubt with our future. Sometimes these questions did not come out of the blue or they are not a mere query but rather based on our previous experiences. Remember your ex who told you that she love you with all her heart but ended up broking your heart? And what about that ex of yours who have bragged that you are the love of his life and he could not live without you but left you lonely after that thing went down. Well, these and other reasons in ours or others life paved the way for the question how in the hell do I know that she/he is the one? By the way this was the exact question that was forwarded by my dear friend of mine, how do I know he is the one and love me? I have managed to come up with some possible objective signs that can answer this puzzle of us, but bear in mind that our subjective responses in ways of showing our affection differs.

1. He Proclaims you

Every time the same kind of issues are arise, he is never afraid or ashamed of talking about you or even your little achievements, also he is willing to introduce you with his friends and family by arranging rendezvous; moreover, if you are not ashamed to do these things then that means your dude is a real deal.

2. Protect and cares for you

He left no stone unturned to make you happy, as much as possible cares for you and he is always there in times of need whether better or worse. Baby girl make no mistake here, don’t you dare take his kindness for weakness.

3. A match made in heaven

The consensus between you and her regarding basic life plans like marriage and having kids is almost similar, and whenever she thinks about marriage the first thing that pops up in her mind is not the well will be celebrated day of wedding but rather it’s the idea of living together with you throughout her life.

4. She/he accepts you as who you are

Amongst the major factors that endangers romantic relationship the leading is trying to mold our partner in to our own schema of who we want to date or marry rather than as who she/he is. If she/he accepts you as who you are then it’s worth taking a chance with him/her.

5. Long distance relationship

How many of us think that long distance relationship is hard to pull back? Many, right? But to some though it was difficult they managed to get through it or are still leading their romantic life like this until the right time. The basic tenet here is that if you successfully dealt or is dealing with long distance relationship then your man is the real deal.

6. Encourages you

If he is there to motivate and encourages you, to guide you on the right path or be there in whatsoever endeavors of yours, then this man is ready.

7. Can you be yourself with her?

Have you ever pretended to be someone else that you are not to impress her? Can you be just you with her? If her presence does not change who you truly are or make you feel comfortable around her, maybe she is a potential woman for tying the knot.

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