(By Antonio Mulatu) The below listed elements are characteristics of an individual who is self-aware. Knows his/her strengths and weaknesses. Take responsibility for his/her life. Is the one who has positive self-image. Believes in himself/herself. Strive for personal growth (social, economical…) Has a vision. Pay sacrifice to attain his/her goal. Never try to resemble others. […]

In The Face Of Death

Good Parenting Style Improves Child’s Emotion & Education

(By Antonio Mulatu) Good examples of parenting styles engender positive emotions, which are associated with improved learning. Each time we learn something there is an emotion associated with that learning. Good examples of parenting styles create positive emotions that are associated with improved learning. Hence, improve your child’s emotions and learning improves too. This makes […]

Words Parents Should Never Say Around Children

Social Skill

(By Antonio Mulatu) Social skill is a process by which we acquire social connectedness through learning and making interactions with others. Social skill lasts from birth till death that enable us learning ourselves and the surrounding environment using and learning language, knowledge and seeing other social circumstances. Importance of social skill For well-developed personal, psychological, […]

In The Face Of Death