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The impact of Advertisement on Children

The impact of Advertisement on Children


The 21st century, marked as the era of information and technological advancement, has realized the effectiveness of new product advertisement in Media. Due to this, producers can best reach their intended consumers/users of their products through rigorous advertisement using cutting edge technology worldwide.

This rapid change and development entices firm regulations to be adopted so as to avoid, if not reduce, unnecessary messages to be aired/transmitted in TVs or radios as children are potential viewers/listeners and unable to comprehend things to the level that adults do.

Regarding advertisements, one should ask to what extent children are protected in a society which sources of information and entertainment are expanding at alarming rate and new communications technologies have made access to such sources possible. In this environment/situation, parents may find it incredibly difficult to control their children’s media consumption/access. In fact, access to any media should not be totally denied/banned as it promotes freedom of expression and expands their thinking capability but needs to be regulated and misleading, commercial messages should be discouraged all the time.

The ultimate goal of advertisers is to ensure that their commercial messages are effectively transmitted to the vast majority of consumers/users of their products. Besides, the impact of advertising especially on pre-school and elementary school children can be conceived at various levels. Such as:-

  •  Commercial Recall and Product Preference
  • Parent–Child Conflict
  • Materialistic Attitudes
  • Unhealthy Eating Habits
  • Positive Attitudes toward Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption

To sum up, no one can deny the importance of advertising since it introduces new advent products and technologies but it must address the psychosocial environment of the society (children) in order to protect them from misleading and devastating messages.

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