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Toward paradigm shift

Toward paradigm shift


(by Kiram Tadesse)
The word ‘paradigm’ is supposed to have escaped from the laboratory of philosophers dating back in centuries mostly due to the fact that its meaning is vague. However, to a consideration at this juncture, it is meaningful taking ‘paradigm’ as – ‘a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them.’

Indeed, change is inevitable no matter indoors of these dynamic and changing times. As societies rapidly advance toward both pros and cons of the global setup of the 21st century such as ‘globalization’ and the likes, for instance, it is believed that these societies cannot continue to carry on business as usual; because in the meantime, good changes have suppose to be awaiting to the same direction.

Yet, we are not all very similar, the old ways of doing things, even if successful, are assumed to be continual threat to the very survival of the common norms that have been valued in our communities ground through times of progression.

There of course are number issues we need to believe that we have to shift at some point, neither of what is good or evil, on principle at least. We might also be ‘successful’ at where we are now if the whole world doesn’t change, but then again as a matter of fact the world is changing every moment.

We have our very own social moral questions that our societies are expected to discuss for the healthier shift we assume. Fundamental questions are, however, becoming some of the global societal agenda that one can’t easily set them self aside from. Because these are the issues most of us are getting into touch with one way or another.

Of all the deeds, the politicians we’re assuming to lead are products of this society, the businesses and entrepreneurs selling us both the bread and butter either luxury are from our circle but those who have managed to prospect the shift in their coinage outlook, (one may say no businessperson is doing business from benevolence – I would say – no priests are paying prayers for they are to become saints, these days) and the priests and Sheikhs are also all ours whom we have to now send to the purported paradigm shift in our society.

In a quite diversified society of like Ethiopia, may be, promoting some kind of common paradigm could never be genuine opinion. Hence, being one of the world’s countries having ever long dated history of social wisdom and/or civilization, undeniably, no one can and should show solitary dimension how these communities’ shall be driven toward a new paradigm rather than opening candid tables into its social structure.

To my understanding there is no commonly agreed set of thinking reality for a society to embrace this or that kind of paradigm shift but as it constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community sharing those set of assumptions and practices, it is not that ridiculous to not to take into consideration what the global social empire have been spreading within the rest of the world.

I would like to note here the western world (i.e. mainly American and European) entertainment and football industries, for example, are exceeding the mere purpose they are meant to be in our urban social reality – which is mainly entertainment. However, these came across in the past latest years to the rest of the world and Ethiopia much specifically, that it could be taken as one sort of driving force mobbing the social reality within one society.

Indeed, it is difficult to easily assume the shift we are talking because it is still nobody of us who commit to change from that we’re shouldering comfort with.  This is because as long as an action, national or our very personal lively policies or structured situation satisfies our needs, we will not change.  Thus, most persons and even organizations also will not change unless forced to. Therefore, we want to shift to somewhere ideal, to some fulfilling space we assume that life does really exist in a secular understanding – it all comes from within as we are paying commitment for the mature paradigm shift decisions that have keep to translate into our daily life and engagement with the society, while societies would set to move same dimension. Thus comes the dictum – ‘I am because we are.’