Home Love & Marriage Want to start a romantic relationship? Well, you need to see these 5 points.
Want to start a romantic relationship? Well, you need to see these 5 points.

Want to start a romantic relationship? Well, you need to see these 5 points.


By Kumlachew Derso (M.A in Social Psychology):

It was just like any other days in office, after finishing my daily task I went to browse the internet and no site other than psychology today came to my mind, I jumped right through it without hesitation that I find something worth to spend time and Hell Yeah! I have come across with this interesting article by Dr Jill P. Weber about 5 to do lists before starting a relationship. She raised some really good point’s worth of sharing with you good people of zepsychologist.com

  • The firs point that she mentioned is understanding our own emotion so that we can fulfill them accordingly, else? relying on new romantic partners won’t get you far.
  • Next, believe what you see and hear, if a potential partner is not emotionally available, create excuses or is immature, then don’t rationalize their failure to launch, these kind of behaviors are hard to get by, so she suggested to show him/her the highway.
  • Some believe that sex in the primary stages of relationship could be a pillar for long lastingness but dears the research revealed otherwise; Sextimacy as she called it does not guarantee long lasting relations. So baby girl said the doctor, keep your cookies in the cookie jar at least for a while, and boys I see some eyebrows are raised there, but don’t hate the player hate the game and blend gently.
  • Mommy’s boy it’s time for you to spread your wings and start making your own decisions, the same goes to daddy’s girl, princess!! When your age is mature enough take matters in your own hand, detach yourself from being emotionally dependent on your parents as it leaves you in the same position later on with your partner/spouse.
  • Finally, expose yourself to new environments as it helps you to know more people that come across in your path, otherwise staying on your comfort zone and wanting to meet your sweetheart is waiting a boat in a train station.

Well, I talked too much….I know, I know..I just could not help it, but folks why don’t you hear it yourself from the writer herself, you are only one click away from her, and here is the link.