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Ways to deal with grief and loss

Ways to deal with grief and loss


(Zemene Tewodros)

Whenever we lose a loved one, the feeling of being heartbroken, regret, guilt, anger, longing, and even as sense of despair and worthlessness could occur. Even though these are not all the feelings experienced while losing someone, we can crudely generalize them under grief. Depending on our personality, we can have different experience while grief-stricken. There could also be unequal depth and duration. This article gives tips on grief copping mechanism.

1. Avoid denial

 One of the pulling forces not to overcome the feeling of grief is denial. We would not be able to let it go if we deny the feeling. It can even lengthen the stay. Despite the fact that loss of a loved one could be devastating and we lost them once and for all, accepting the reality can help us to move on.

2. Don’t fool yourself by telling you are strong

Trying to endure negative emotions could induce and exacerbate the heartbreak, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression and other related emotions. Therefore, the good choice is to accept what we are feeling rather than engaged in defense mechanisms by distorting the reality.

We also have to give ourselves a chance to be lifted up from the emotional pit that we are in, at least, for the sake of the ones that we have lost.

3. Sharing what you feel to others

Rather than speaking out what they feel, many people hold it in and ruminate. But this kind of emotion management makes us feel drained and bored. So we should express what we feel to our partners, family members, close friends and psychologists. We can express ourselves through speech, writing, drawing and convenient way that we know.

4. Be patient

 Because of the strong emotions related to loss of a loved one, we try to avoid things that remind us about them. Therefore, we have to be patient before deciding to move away their stuff, changing location of our home or work place, avoiding reminders like photos.

5. Take care of yourself

 In the time of grief, people stops caring for themselves. They avoid food and mislay the respect and care they should have. We have to be aware that whatever we do to ourselves, it wouldn’t bring back the one that we lost. We repeatedly have to tell ourselves the fact that if the ones that we lost were alive at that moment, they wouldn’t want to see us hurt and uncared for.

6. It will heal through time

It seems that grief won’t go away and won’t heal. But, whatever time it takes, it will heal. We have to keep in mind that living doesn’t mean only surfing through positive emotions but rather facing and overcoming the negative ones too. Anything that we came across, eventually, passes and life moves on.

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