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What’s the best way to fight memory loss?

What’s the best way to fight memory loss?



At the Newcastle University, researchers conducted an investigation on 30 participants to find out the most prominent way to protect one from losing memory. Memory loss may happen because of different psychological traumas and physical damages in the brain.  Apart from these, memory deterioration can be associated with aging. The researchers did the study among 30 participants by setting them in to three groups. The first group was assigned to perform a daily walk, the second group was given a daily puzzle task, and the last group was assigned to art class to do drawings after staring at a naked man.  Although all groups showed improvement in memory, the third group who went to drawing class had highest improvements. The researchers concluded that learning a new task can be the reason behind the highest performance in addition to the interactive nature and standing for long time in the art class. The finding of the research suggests that learning a new thing can help us keep our healthy brain and maintain our memory capacity. Learn something new!

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