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Where do you want to go in life?

Where do you want to go in life?



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Antonio Mulatu (M.A)

Life is a journey that everybody chooses where and how to go to reach destinations. You are the author of your life dairy, it doesn’t matter which way you are heading to. What matters is that the consequence of your choice and destination. The initial path has no any indication whether it is a good or bad route to travel through (don’t forget that sometimes the means justify the end). The evaluated and final result depicts what is meant a right or bad (actually better to say lesson taken) life journey. A single walk is a stepping board to swim the ocean of life journey. But truly, it doesn’t tell us what we are going to face and earn, in what conditions and circumstances. So, dare to take any direction of your life journey and shape the way you like it. Moreover, mold the environments to get you where you want to reach and test ups and downs of life.

The new paradigm shift in life would help one to focus more on the positive aspects of any life event than the old problem focused perspectives. Whether it is dark or light, life should offer and contribute a balanced outcome in struggling for survival. The central tenet of this assumption is that the contemporary concepts and philosophies of positivity (finding what makes life worth living) is playing a paramount role to lead a happy, goal-oriented, healthy…and responsible way of life. Being optimist gives you a papyrus and pen to write your own biography that environment or external factor did before. It says live inside out than in contrary. First, work more on your strengths than fixing weaknesses. Be reminded that, this is not a quick fix rather changing the way you react to certain situation as you were dealing with previously. Be part of the solution…cure the problem then the other alternatives will follow afterwards.

In a nutshell have a life keys on your hands and you will be able to lock and unlock the treasure of wisdom which leads you towards happy, purposeful and living for meaningful life. To bring to an end, in life do not be afraid of taking any of the three life journeys (this way, that way & somewhere else) as far as each alternative will give you what you want & dream about where and how to reach and what type of life style to follow. Finally, I say live the positive side of life and then you will taste the aroma of happiness.