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Words Parents Should Never Say Around Children

Words Parents Should Never Say Around Children


(By Antonio Mulatu)

The child is the pride of today and the hope for the future. Likewise, anything that would promote the wellbeing and development of these dear ones should not be underestimated. The words that parents use during family conversation on the presence of children have a great impact on children’s day to day life and later personality development. Especially, using words that have negative connotation will hamper and undermine children’s self confidence. Therefore, the below listed are 10 words or things parents should never say around children.

  • Shut up! Children’s mind function as photocopy machine, whenever they hear you are verbally abusing them or your partner they are likely to repeat this behavior on their immediate family or friends.
  • School is boring. Never say the valueless of school in front of your children or the boring methodologies that their teachers are offering them. Closer teachers and children tie will facilitate the effectiveness of teaching and learning process. Thus, no matter how the current school setting is children should trust their teacher and schooling program in boosting their knowledge and understanding about the world.
  • Dying is like going to sleep. Since the developmental level of children do not allow them to understand concepts like death, never dare to resemble it with sleep if they asked you. If you do so, they are threatened to go to bed at night.
  • We will see. If you want to say to your children no never hesitate for saying it so that they can trust you why said no on their enquiry but using phrase like we will see is something ambiguous which create difficulty to understand what is exactly its true meaning.
  • I’m fat. If you are obsessed about your weight on the presence of your children, you are probably influencing their healthy eating habit. They just follow what you do.
  • Don’t be afraid. The phrase don’t afraid is really vague and parents should unveil what their children shouldn’t be afraid of. Unless they might leave their life in danger.
  • You are burning with fever. When children are suffering from fever never tell them the degree of their fever. This is to say they are easily intimidated and might not be willing for medication assuming that their fever will be aggravated.
  • Rude words. If you want your children won’t repeat any rude words or phrases to the family member or friends, first of all never say it.
  • You are dull. Children are not miniature adult they learn new things through failure. When they do mistake do not tell them that their mistake emerging from dullness. Rather, encourage them to fail in the right way so as to rise up.
  • Great not-not. As darkness bear darkness sarcasm breed cruelty through passage of time on children. Give them appropriate and encouraging nourishment than humiliating their moral and dignity. They are invaluable and susceptible to learn something worthy from you.

Even though, it is difficult and challenging to dictate each word you say, being alert with these particular alarming clocks will foster to up bring healthy, fit and adjusted children with good discipline and parenting style.

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